Collaborative Law

What is collaborative law?

Collaborative divorce is the methodology for people who may not get along as husband and wife, but they do want to resolve their differences outside of the court system. Both parties have their own collaboratively trained lawyer, and along with a mental health professional and a financialĀ adviserĀ the divorcing couple settle their differences as amicably as possible.

The benefits of collaborative law and end goals are to:

  • Maintain open communication and information sharing
  • Create shared solutions acknowledging the highest priorities
  • And, ultimately negotiate a mutually acceptable settlement without having courts rule a decision for you.

At its root the collaborative divorce – also known as “no court divorce” or “divorce with dignity” – is to offer you and your spouse the support, protection, and guidance of your own lawyers without having to go to court. If this sounds like an ideal way for your to handle your marital disputes, we have attorneys who know how to help you.

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