Violation of Probation

Orlando Violation of Probation Attorneys

If you or a loved one is charged with a community control violation or violation of probation, contact the Orlando criminal attorneys of Longwell Lawyers today. Since 1993, our attorneys have been defending clients accused of violating the terms of their probation or community control.

A person may be placed on probation or community control by a court as part of a sentence in a criminal case. Usually, probation/community control is offered to individuals charged with crimes that do not have an extensive or serious criminal history and appear not to deserve incarceration. The sentencing court uses probation/community control as a way to monitor individuals for a set period of time.  This method is used to ensure that the person complies with the court’s sentence (such as completing community service, substance abuse treatment, or counseling) and to inform the judge if the person is not complying or if he/she commits a new offense while on probation.

The most common forms of community control or violations of probation (VOP) fall into two categories: technical and substantive new law violations. Technical violations are such things as not reporting to probation or failing to complete counseling or community service. Many times people violate for having a positive drug test. Substantive new law violations occur when a person is arrested on a new criminal case (such as theft, drug crimes, or violent offenses).

If it is determined that a person violated probation/community control, the judge is notified and an arrest warrant is issued. Usually, a person is not afforded any bond.

Community control is similar to probation, but involves more vigorous supervision, sometimes even requiring the use of an electronic monitor.

The Orlando criminal attorneys of Longwell Lawyers are skilled at defending individuals accused of community control and violation of probation. We can seek the release of a person arrested and seek a hearing to determine whether a violation actually occurred.

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