Sex Crimes

Orlando Sex Offense Attorneys

At the law office of Longwell Lawyers, we defend clients who have been charged with sex offenses. Since 1993, our Orlando criminal attorneys have been defending clients throughout all of Central Florida.

Sex crimes can be defined as unwanted sexual advancements or touching. For example, sexual battery, more commonly known as rape. Rape is the act of forcing oneself upon another person (male or female) and having sexual contact without the other individual’s consent. There are varying degrees of sexual battery, with different levels of consequences. Our Orlando criminal attorneys are familiar with these kinds of sex offense cases and can discuss these matters with you.

A different manner of sexual offense is lewd conduct, where a person may be caught masturbating or exposing himself (or herself) in public, commonly referred to as flashing.

Prostitution and solicitation are also sex offenses. Prostitution occurs when a person offers to sell sex or sexual relations to another person for money. Solicitation is where a person approaches another and offers to buy sex or sexual relations with money.

There are many instances and scenarios that can land you or someone you know in a situation where you could potentially be accused of a sex offense. If you find yourself in such a situation contact the Orlando criminal attorneys at Longwell Lawyers. You may click, or call: (407) 426-5757.

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