Orlando Expungement Attorneys

Having a criminal record stays with you wherever you go. It can hurt your chances of finding a new job, housing, or even obtaining a loan. If you seal your criminal record, it will help you get a second chance at life.

An expungement, or sealing of a criminal record, is a legal process that can clear criminal convictions from a person’s record. This process applies to most misdemeanor and minor felony cases, but is not available for DUI convictions or for violent crime convictions.

At Longwell Lawyers our Orlando criminal lawyers can guide you through the expungement process. For questions about how to seal your criminal record or to find out whether expungement is a possibility for you, contact a criminal attorney at Longwell Lawyers for a free initial consultation. Our criminal attorneys will also be available to explain the limitations on expungement, including what crimes cannot be expunged from your record, such as DUI convictions.  Our attorneys can also explain the situations in which your criminal record can still be viewed, and by whom, and the restrictions on how long after a conviction you can apply to have your criminal records sealed. Oftentimes, former criminal defense clients come back to us for assistance with expungements.

We offer a free consultation that allows you to meet personally with one of our Orlando criminal attorneys to confidentially discuss your case. Longwell Lawyers has reasonable fees and flexible payment plans available. We have criminal lawyers and staff available who are fluent in Spanish and Portuguese to better assist our clients.

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