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The Orlando Criminal Attorneys of Longwell Lawyers achieve excellence by providing professional and dependable representation at a reasonable cost for Central Florida criminal defense cases. No matter how big or how small the situation, the Orlando criminal attorneys of Longwell Lawyers are here to help you in your time of legal need. Our firm handles all types of criminal defense cases.

If you have been accused of a criminal act, arrested, charged, or are under criminal investigation, you know your future and well-being are at risk. If you are convicted of a felony crime it may result in prison time, not to mention a permanent criminal record. If you are convicted, it could limit your employment opportunities later in life and potentially even determine where you are allowed to live. Our Orlando criminal attorneys don’t want this to happen and understand the value of a person’s freedom and good name. The time to act is now and our trial attorneys are here to help.

Being charged with a crime doesn’t mean you are instantly labeled a criminal. In fact, you should always remember that all persons accused of a crime are presumed to be innocent, which is at the very heart of the United States Constitutional principles of freedom and liberty. Each and every person has a set of rights that our forefathers fought for us to have. The Orlando criminal attorneys at Longwell Lawyers fully understand your constitutional rights and are on your side.

We have dedicated our practice areas to criminal defense so that we may provide our clients with the most thorough, aggressive and experienced representation. Orlando Criminal Attorney and former prosecutor, Mark Longwell, founded the law firm in 1993. Longwell Lawyers is located in Downtown Orlando, Florida and serves all of Central Florida, including Brevard, Lake, Orange, Osceola, Seminole and Volusia counties. We offer free consultations for all criminal defense cases which allows you to meet personally with one of our Orlando criminal attorneys to confidentially discuss your case. Spanish and Portuguese speaking attorneys and staff are available to further assist you. Our firm has reasonable fees and flexible payment plans. Longwell Lawyers works hard to achieve the best possible outcome for our clients tailored to your specific case.

The experienced Orlando criminal attorneys at Longwell Lawyers are trial attorneys who can help you with any criminal defense matter including, but not limited to the following:

If you are in need of an Orlando criminal attorney, it is important that you have the experience and dedication of Longwell Lawyers on your side. Our Orlando criminal attorneys know how to help you.

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